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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Attractive Bedroom Designs Classic

The attractive classic bedroom design is not monotonous. You can have several styles depicting your sanctuary. The people who want to perceive the natural look can choose the country style. The country style is created classic air but it can carry the casual feeling. You just have to make the haven look light and bright with suitable color selections. If you want to define the wall, flooring and furniture, choose the light tones. For example, you can select for the medium brown oak furniture. If you like with painted furniture, you can apply white color.

Some interesting colors used to define the country bedroom include red, green, yellow and blue. The next type of classic bedroom design to choose is the luxury style. It is suitable for the home owners who have a lot of money. If your budget is limited but you like to enjoy classy feeling, you can shop for the antique and shining items on the flea market. You can accent the room with metal finish. Choose the brass, gold and silver tones to define the bedroom. Don’t forget to dress up the bedroom with rich textures fabrics made in satin, silk, brocade, or even velvet. The last type of classic bedroom is called as coastal bedroom idea. You need to preoccupy the space with relaxing colors like sandy brown, coral, sea foam green and pastel blue tones.

The room will be airy and light if you choose the light colored wood for the flooring, plank, and furniture pieces. You can add some attractive pieces of artwork on the wall and table made from sea shells, starfish and sea weed. To accentuate the coastal theme, you can apply under water image wallpaper on the wall. The coastal theme can be infused with nautical look. You can hang several items like an anchor, a life saver, a picture of light house and a collection of ship miniature to make this classic bedroom design more appealing.

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