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Friday, 7 June 2013

Types & Styles Of Bathroom Lighting

Important aspect of having a good bathroom is lighting. Many kinds of lights for bathrooms are available, and all for different purposes. Lighting can achieve aesthetic or practical effect.

Oddly enough, bathrooms are generally given the least consideration of all the rooms in the home when lighting decisions are made. The reason for this is that the focus is typically on the living room or kitchen. Since the bathroom is the place where one gets ready and unwinds after a long day at work (not to mention getting ready for work), it’s important to consider various types of lighting options.

Bathroom Lighting Options
The bathroom requires two types of lighting, which is task lighting and ambient lighting.
Task Lighting
Task lighting is necessary in the bathroom because it is lighting that is focused on a specific area making the completion of visual tasks easier.
This type of lighting enables us to perform tasks that require attention to detail, such as, applying makeup, styling our hair, doing our nails, tweezing, and shaving.
Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting refers to light that comes from all directions. This lighting is important since it provides lighting throughout the whole bathroom.
Aside from the lighting aspect, the fixtures provide that extra decorative touch because of the ornate and stylish details. It is the combination of the two that creates a spectacular and alluring ambience in the bathroom.

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Object Lighting
A fantastic way to create another layer of light in bathroom lighting is by installing a small recessed light directed at a specific piece of decorative art or a powder room basin. You may also wish to include a recessed fixture in an angled position to highlight elegant tile work, bathware, or special features in the bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom lighting fixtures are available in the following:
Ceiling Mount - These are fixtures that are flush with the ceiling.
Chandeliers - This is a bathroom lighting fixture that is suspended from the ceiling, with two or more arms bearing lights.
Mirror Lighting – This is an accent light that is typically made up of a single strip with multiple lamps.
Pendants – Lighting that resembles a hanging lamp.
Sconces – A light fixture that is affixed to the wall in a manner that it uses only the wall for support and the light is usually directed upwards.

Shower Lights – This lighting is specific for the shower and rated for withstanding humid conditions.

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