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Friday, 7 June 2013

Outdoor Hot Tub Enclosure

For those interested in adding an outdoor hot tub to their home setting, there are various styles of hot tub enclosures to ponder. However, the most basic attractive designs come in stone and wood materials. With plunging house prices and homeowners looking to add value to their homes in this market, value added assets like hot tub enclosures might be a worthy investment. Those intending to have more staycations might want an added place to relax and while away their time at home. Manufacturers offer a variety of enclosures sizes and shapes. You can add accessories to increase the pleasure to your warm soak of relaxation. Manuals are available online and in local home improvement stores to help you build or purchase your enclosure. This allows you the freedom to choose a design or get information to help you design your own. These manuals will take away the mystery about hot tub enclosures. Home improvement stores and online vendors also carry enclosure kits you can check out and purchase if you choose. 

The secret to having a hot tub enclosure of your dreams is to combine an exceptional design with good carpentry skills. You first should look at the area in which you want to place the hot tub and then think about the reasons you have for building an enclosure. For example, if you want to have a hot tub on your deck, but which will provide you with privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors when you are inside, you can design it so that the windows ar facing towards the house and that the door opening is on this side as well. 

The benefits of having an outdoor hot tub enclosure A hot tub enclosure is necessary, if you do not want your pipes exposed to the elements. In cold weather pipes might freeze and crack. During warmer weather, without an enclosure to protect your tub, the tub might be an open invitation for wild life and outside debris like falling leaves and flying particles to explore and nestle in. Also, inclement weather can discourage use of outdoor hot tubs; whereas, hot tub enclosures allow year round pleasure. They also afford you more privacy in enjoying the respite of some time in your very own outdoor hot tub. You have the option of permanent or portable hot tubes.While wooden tub enclosures are a trendy choice, being kinder to your pocketbook with the added attractive of a natural look, plastic or metal enclosures are easier keep up and clean.

Wood enclosures One can have a simple wood enclosure around the tub or above it or something more elaborate like a gazebo or other structure built around and above your tub. With wooden tubs, the type of wood that appeals is up to you. Keep in mind you should stain and seal it to protect it; on purchase and every other year or so to maintain the protection. 

Wooden enclosures can come with screens for privacy and help in ventilation. Electronics that can add to your watching or listening pleasure are also items to consider an discuss with your vendor. Fans might be needed for this also. Ask your vendor about this feature. You have to keep in mind what size and routes of entry and exit that will not only be most suitable for you ;but, also more of an asset, if you choose to sell your house. Consider what happens if there is no door exit; and windows of the enclosure glue shut while you are inside during a winter day.

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