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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Modern Rooms For Girls

Modern rooms for girls look simple and fine. If you like to bring new look on the bedroom for your teenager; you can pick the modern bedroom. The fairy theme in the room should be eliminated since it only suit with the infant bedroom. The cartoon character is popular to define the bedroom for your daughter but when she grows bigger, she will love to have mature bedroom design. You can pick the simple bedroom by using the modern home decor in the bedroom. You can choose the neutral colors like beige, sandy coral, caramel brown and khaki to define the bedroom.

Make sure that you can present the feminine style in the modern rooms for girls. You can use pink, lavender, pastel blue or sunset yellow as the accent in the room. The wallpaper in cartoon character of jasmine, Tinkerbell, hello kitty, and princess Ariel should be removed since they are all great to define the toddler bedroom. You can renew the wallpaper by installing the new one with floral or vine pattern. If you want to make it a bit traditional, you can install damask or paisley patterned wallpaper. It can carry romantic feeling in the room. But you need to avoid the selection of dark colored wallpaper since it can make the room dark and gloomy.

You can choose the off white and silver floral patterned wallpaper to bring the passionate feeling. Then you can have the bed frame made in simple headboard and foot board. You can pick the dresser, sofa, and cabinet with clean surface without any intricate and carved pattern. You can infuse the furniture with stainless steel material to bring industrial them in the room. The lamp in the bedroom should come in unique design. You can install pedants lighting to illuminate modern rooms for girls.

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