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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Kitchen Colours 2013

Providing new look in the cooking area is easy to do since you just have to pick the right kitchen colours 2013. A kitchen is considered as one of the essential places in the house. You can use it to cook, gather, eat and study. It depends on the style and decor in the kitchen. The husband loves to read their newspaper on the kitchen island while waiting for the wife to prepare the food. You need to pay much attention to the kitchen to you find out that it looks dull and drab. Start the decoration of the furniture pieces and kitchen cabinets.

If you think that it looks distressed, you can repaint with a new shade of color. If you like with dark look, you can opt for bold hues. It can be in black, chocolate brown or gray. If you want to brighten the kitchen, you can opt for the off white or mustard yellow. The wall and floor should look harmonious. If you decide to adorn the areas with tiles, choose the coordinated one. For example, you can adorn the wall in tan color tiles with red patterned floral tiles. The floor can be adorned in the tan tile too. There are many ideas when you like to display new kitchen colours 2013.

You can opt for lime green and blue tone if you want relaxing feeling. The combination of blue and white accent is perfect for the people living in beach area. If you want to enjoy rustic feeling, you can opt for distressed look in the kitchen. You can combine distressed brown with off white hue. If you like vibrant and bright style in the kitchen colours 2013, you can choose some jewel inspired tones like sapphire blue, ruby red, turquoise, gold, topaz, silver, violet and pink.

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