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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yellow Color In Home Decorating

There are many meaning for the color yellow, the most obvious ones being sunny, warm and radiant.Yellow is the color of sun, that’s why people think it can save them from depression and attempt to use it in the interior to lighten up the mood. Yellow is the color of sunshine. It denotes happiness and joy.
Yellow is an awesome color to use in interior design: use it in moderation and in combination with other colors to achieve powerful effect. Yellow color in the interior of residential and office space can be as basic or secondary, retreating into the background. When using yellow you must take into account personal preference and the age factor, because it is considered that the yellow color and its shades rather difficult to admit older people.

We use yellow more than we know it. For example, yellow tinted with white gives cream color (cream is an extremely popular color as it is warm but not overpowering, it is more friendly than stark white). It is an innovative color and sharpens the memory, perfect for the office environment. Delicate shades of yellow in combination with cream, coffee and beige color can create a cozy, warm atmosphere, even in a relatively small room. To create a full-fledged interior warm yellow tones, better to use light materials and light-wood species. Walls and ceilings can be done in white, and floor use floorboard.
Gold is also yellow and we see that everywhere in decorating. It is positive, radiant and eye-catching color, wonderful for using as accessories like tie backs, lamps, vases, cushions... There are ochre yellow, muddy yellow and antique gold, they look like they have some history on their side and work well with timber furniture.

Combinations of yellow with other color may be very powerful:

YELLOW + RED = Stir imagination and the creative juices and inspire brilliant thinking.
YELLOW + VIOLET = Have healing effect, it is believed to be the best color combination for those recovering from illness.
YELLOW + ORANGE = Improve appetite (thus used in kitchens, breakfast nooks, and dining rooms).

In interior design, you can use this colour in dark living spaces to create light atmosphere.
Its brightness is often used for illuminating dark spaces such as hallways and landings as well as kitchens.
Bedrooms can look cosy with some hues of yellow.

Like anything else, the color yellow can be used strategically in moderation to brighten up a room or to emphasize positives in décor. Small doses of bright yellows added to rooms add punch, catch the eye, and make rooms feel lively. Used in moderation, the strange characteristics of yellow will work for the atmosphere of the house, not against.

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