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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Window Treatments in a Child's Room

Window treatments in a child's room can really tie together all the decorating elements. Something charming, colorful, and effective in cutting the light is a perfect choice.
But kids' rooms deserve special consideration. It's important that any window covering chosen for a child's room be safe, functional, colorful, stylish, and fun.

Avoid long draperies in a child's room. Little hands tend to grab and can pull down long panels as the little one crawls or walks around the nursery.

Window treatments should not have any decorations, beads, or cording that could be pulled off and swallowed. Any decorations should be embroidered on and carefully attached.

Cords on blinds can cause strangulation if the child is not supervised. New blinds offer breakaway cords which actually break when pulled too hard.
Here are some suggestions for fun window treatments for children's rooms. The main rule iskeep things simple.

Window treatments for a child's room should be as light and airy as possible.

Avoid long "to the floor" draperies for very young babies and children who might grab and pull on the panels. Go for shades, blinds, or shorter curtains instead.

Soft fabric shades with blackout linings can be custom-made to fit a window. Raise the shades completely for light or view then lower them for privacy and to darken the room for nap times.

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Remove any grabbing temptation near a crib, book shelf, or changing table. All window treatments should be out of arms reach at all times.

Mini-blinds or wood blinds can be adjusted to control light, are easy to clean, and have a contemporary look for a neat child's room.

Old-fashioned roller shades work well in a nursery. They can be ordered in light-blocking styles. And you can have your choice of decorative fabric attached to the front of the blind. Roller shades can be raised out of the way during the daytime to allow natural sunlight into the room.

To bring color and style into the child's room, install a fabric valance over a simple window blind or shade. Choose a gathered or ruffled style for little girls and a plain style with tailored box pleats for boys.

You can have a cornice box custom-made or you can easily build one yourself. Measure carefully, join the wood pieces together, then paint, cover with wallpaper, or pad and cover with decorative fabric.

Cornice boxes help to hide the hardware of a blind or shade. They also work great to continue the decorating theme of the child's room. Place collectibles on top of the board.

If you use a fabric on your window treatment, try to repeat that fabric around the room in at least 3 or 4 other places. You can put accents of the fabric on chair cushions, throw pillows, quilt squares, lamp shades, or on a bed skirt.

Trim simple window treatments with contrasting borders, cheerful and fun appliques, and ribbon ties.

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