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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

White Modern Living Room Design Ideas

It's important for you to have a house that's tastefully decorated and reflects your inner beauty. And your living room design makes the first impression. A modern living room belongs to the present era. It has contemporary furnishings, that fit the room in the right proportion and provide the room with its own unique style. This sort of living space can be achieved easily. If you want your visitor to think that you have a high style quotient, then choose to make your living room a contemporary style statement.

Well, think of your white living room as a blank canvas that's just waiting to be injected with personality and style.

It seems that a white contemporary living room is a blank slate. When walls and furniture and light and bright, the decorating options are endless. There are ways to include color through accessories and textiles that won't disturb the white walls or floor if you can't or don't want to change them. Use accessories to complete the room. Pillows, vases, flower arrangements, houseplants, candles, sculptures or any other accessories can add personality and style to the white living room.

Keep in mind that light and airy, white opens up the smallest living rooms and brings cohesion to large rooms filled with furnishings. Let the power of white add instant impact to your living room design!

Paint all of the living room walls white, or include color on one wall to warm up the space and serve as an accent wall. Next, place an area rug in the center of the white living room to anchor your furniture and add texture to your white living room. The rug can include a colorful design to warm up the space, or simply add dimension and texture.

Arrange your living room furniture in a way that promotes easy conversation from any seat within the arrangement. Include a white sofa, love seat or chairs. We recommend one colorful chair which can add spark and function as a focal point in the white living room and dark wood tables as contrast with the white living room furniture.

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