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Monday, 27 May 2013

Wall Painting Ideas: Faux Finishing

What exactly is a faux finish? Faux finishes are the techniques used by decorative painters to recreate the look in wall painting and feel of many types of natural materials. The word “faux”means “false” in French. These finishes can be seen throughout history, starting with the Egyptians who replicated the wood graining on their walls. Throughout time huge advancements have been made to this process. Now the most common forms of these finishes used today replicate the effects of aged plaster, stained paint, wood, limestone, and marble. Faux painting refers to a variety of decorative finishes that can be applied to walls, including sponging, rag rolling, stippling and dragging. In the last decade this “decorative” painting has probably been used in almost every house you see.

You should be using faux finishes wall painting when your budget prevents the use of the real materials like wood and stone, or if the atmosphere you wish to create can only be accomplished by using a faux finish. But using faux finishing is not for everyone, it can be both fun and frustrating. Remember to always experiment with the final outcome before committing to the finish. The skills required for creating many finishes can only come with repetition and practice.

To get you started, here are some simple basic tips for starting your faux finish wall painting. Always prepare the surface properly before wall decorating. Using a low tack masking tape, start on taping off your baseboards and ceilings. Use a cloth drop so that drips soak there hence will dry quicker and then remove the dirt. Work in small sections, and complete one wall or section, stopping in a corner or natural break. Always use lint-free rags. When choosing your colour the easiest way to do so is by using the take home strips at your local paint store and choosing something that will compliment your furniture, carpet, or wallpaper. If you are still a little skeptical about starting your faux finish wall painting there are stores and companies that offer a faux-finishing course so you can get your practice in before you start on the real thing.
So remember if you are tight on a budget, but love to have a hands-on experience painting your own house, faux finishes are the right way to go.

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