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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Vases as Indoor Decoration

You've created a beautiful interior but somehow, something seems to be missing.  Vases can provide that missing element to tie your interior together and make it feel complete.  Read on for more.
Why Use Vases as Indoor Decoration?

Vases are a cheap and effective way to change the look of an interior or indeed to complete the look of an interior.  Because they are available in such a vast range of colours, textures, styles, and materials, you can find a vase to do just about anything.  If you decide to change the theme of your interior, your vases will be one of the easiest elements to change.  You could also keep a few different styles of vases and rotate them according to your mood, the seasons, or other changes within the home.
A beautiful vase can be a feature all of its own or you can complement them with an attractive floral arrangement made from either real or artificial flowers.

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How to Use Vases for Decoration

Vases can be used in two main ways inside your home – as an accent piece or a feature piece.  Accent vases will help to fill in any decorating gaps and generally lift an area, while a feature piece is a true standout vase that becomes the focal attraction in a room.  Vases work fantastically well atop a mantelpiece, on a coffee or side table, or on bookcases or other pieces of furniture.  If you have a large urn-style vase, these are perfect placed on the floor and filled with long, large flowers.

You can team vases with flowers or decorative gravel or pebbles, or you can leave the vase empty. Try mixing different vases together to create visual interest, or alternatively, you can group together similarly shaped vases in different sizes.  It really is all up to your sense of personal style.

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