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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Timeless Damask Wallpapers

Damask is the name given to the fabric on which figures are weaved in such a way that they form a pattern. The fabrics most often used for creating damask are cotton, linen, wool, silk and synthetic fibers. The term damask initially referred to decorative, attractive and patterned silk fabrics that were opulently woven in different colors, and sometimes also with gold, silver and other threads made from metals.
Nowadays, damask weaves are generally produced in silk, linen, cotton or synthetic fibers with various woven patterns like fruits, flowers, animals and other traditional and contemporary designs.
There has been a bit of a resurgence in the popularity of damask in recent years, and the designs are showing up on various damask prints, damask wall stencils, curtains, bedding sets, and even damask wallpaper. 

Types of Damask Wallpapers. The use of different damask designs and patterns is currently very common and popular in making damask wallpaper. The typical feature of damask wallpaper is that it creates a feeling of opulence.

Damask wallpaper can have incredible designs and patterns, which work well for living rooms as well as bedrooms. They can also be used to give that formal look to your dinning room.

Damask wallpapers traditionally looked upon as a luxury, as the cost to maintain them was higher than the more basic wallpaper fabrics, and materials such as velvet added to the cost. However, you can now also opt for affordable damask wallpapers that are made using vinyl and are easy to wash and clean. You can even use these damask wallpapers in damp and greasy place at your home like bathrooms, kitchens and basements.
Part of the joy of having damask wallpaper is the great variety of color options. By far, the most popular color combination is the white and black damask wallpaper. However, recent popular colors include white and brown, yellow, brown and blue, brown and teal, and lavender damask prints.

Before buying damask wallpaper you need to consider few things first. It is important that the damask wallpaper you have selected is stain-resistant if the intended use is for the kitchen, kids rooms or highly trafficked hallways. Ease of cleaning is another thing to watch for.

The wallpaper should also be resistant to moisture, particularly if intended for use in bathrooms. Also insure whether the wallpaper you are buying is self adhesive or need extra preparation. Carefully select the pattern and colors of damask wallpaper, according to the room’s size and shape, and existing or planned furniture.

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