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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Suggestions on decorating your new child's room

When a friend of mine adopted two children it was an event the entire family treasured. Beyond the interviews, the paperwork, and the visits, this young family spent many weeks lovingly planning and decorating a welcoming bedroom for their two new sons.
Of course there are some special considerations in this situation. So I recently consulted Sass Stan field for some insight into decorating rooms for children who are being adopted.

Sass indicated that decorating for a new member of the family, as my friend found out, is a wonderful way to use the "waiting" time before an adoption is finalized. However, the age of the child is a big factor in how much, and what type of decorating should be tackled both before and after the adoption date.
Many of her suggestions might also apply to foster parents, grandparents or relatives who take custody of a child, as well as step-parents who bring a new child into the family as part of their new marriage. Whatever the situation, however, these tips on preparing a new child's room should help ease the transition.

Babies and Toddlers:
For babies or young toddlers, of course, the entire room can be completed ahead of time. Whether you need to plan a room on a budget or can splurge on a more luxury room, keep in mind basic childproofing and safety considerations.

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Have some fun with the room, perhaps using a playful decorating theme that will spark a child's imagination. Outfit a closet or shelves for storage, leaving room for the toys and clothes a toddler may bring along. Then let them have these things close by during the settling-in period.
Children 4-8:

Bright colors (red, yellow, blue, and green) are a good choice for younger children, Sass noted, since at that age kids are positively influenced by primary colors. Walls can be painted ahead of time, but it may be better to leave some of the decorating touches until after the child arrives.
Children in the 4 to 8 range may be excited about their new room, so get them involved by asking for their help in choosing a bedspread (perhaps giving them a few pre-selected options), wallpaper borders, and accessories.

It will be a good chance for parents and children to work together on a project, and will allow kids put their "stamp" on the space -- whether it is literally decorating their walls with rubber stamps, hand prints  sports theme accessories, or their favorite Disney character. This room "personality" will be what makes their room feel like "home" to them. Also, be sure to provide storage options so any favorite toys or books can be given a place of honor upon arrival.

One room for two children: 
Sass noted that the adoption of two children at once is a unique situation. "Most people who have 2 children in a shared room wouldn't hesitate to use bunk beds," she said. "However, in adoption where self-esteem issues are involved, the children might do better on equal ground (because usually the older child gets the superior or upper position). So I'd suggest using 2 regular beds (not bunks), and make sure each child has some personal space, his or her own toy box, bookshelf, and so on." Again, by making some private space for each child, (beds, reading chairs, desks, bookshelves) you are nurturing their individuality and separate interests.

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