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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom is almost always the smallest room in the house, yet it needs to store a whole lot of stuff. From towels, to toilet paper, to makeup and grooming products, the bathroom is a catch-all for all sorts of necessities of daily life. To keep the bathroom from becoming cluttered and crowded it's important to have sufficient storage. It will ensure that you keep the bathroom organized. Check out some of these bathroom storage ideas for maximizing space in this often tiny room. 

Storage Shelves and Cabinets

Use vertical storage options like tall cabinets and shelving units. Take them all the way up to the ceiling to maximize space.

Avoid pedestal sinks and instead turn a dresser into a vanity. It will give you storage space with style.

Try using a vertical pot rack in an awkward corner space. It can be great for storing extra towels and other items.

Install narrow vertical pullout shelves inside of cabinets. Not only do they keep items orderly and easy to see, they can conveniently fit between awkward pipes.

If there's enough space, a freestanding cabinet is a great option. You can keep everything in one spot and close the doors to hide clutter. If you're good at keeping things displayed in a pretty way, glass doors or an open unit are lovely options.

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Find Hidden Bathroom Storage Space

Try to use the space over the toilet. Shelves can easily be installed that won't get in the way or interfere with its use. Just make sure to leave enough clearance so that the top of the toilet tank can be removed if repairs are necessary. You can also purchase a cabinet designed specifically for this area that fits snugly around and over the toilet.

Find extra storage without sacrificing space by having shelves built between wall studs. You can leave them open or have a door added so that the shelves can be hidden away. Bathrooms sometimes have half-walls between bathtubs, toilets and showers. If this is the case, have a carpenter cut openings in them to create instant storage. It's a great place to store towels and other useful items.

If you have a console unit holding your sink instead of a traditional vanity, try installing a shelf (or shelves) across the bottom. You can also attach a towel bar to the front of it. Hang a series of hooks across the wall. They're great for towels, robes, and clothing.

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