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Monday, 27 May 2013

Serene Green Is A Perfect Interior Paint Color For Stressful Economic Times

It's ironic that green - the color of money - is also one of the most calming paint colors. Studies have shown that it has a soothing effect on our psyches, something we can all use in these financially troubling times. The relaxing effect of green paint actually begins in the color selection process. Unlike purple, which can be aesthetically tricky, green is an easy color to work with, so you won't suffer agita when choosing one or more green hues for your home. Virtually all greens are harmonious, shades of what we see in our natural surroundings. When we look at a forest, field, or flower garden, we don't see just one green hue, but many. Being accustomed to various tints and shades of green co-existing makes our eye more accepting of complex green-based color schemes wherever we see them.

This primordial predisposition gives you the green light to experiment when working with this calming color. Mix and match greens to your heart's desire. And don't stop with the paint on your walls - you can also vary patterns, tones, and texture in the fabrics, furnishings, and floor-coverings you incorporate into your d├ęcor.

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For inspiration, look out the window. Note that greens are rarely monochromatic. Instead, they tend to be mottled. That suggests another possible approach for your interior painting: applying a faux finish to your walls. You can use a sponge, old cloth, even plastic or newspaper to "work" a wash or glaze to create visually interesting "broken color".

If you are working predominantly in greens, don't think you'll be wanting for variety. The green spectrum is so broad that you can often use another green hue as a green-on-green accent color. Picture a splash of bright lime green, celery, or even neon against a rich, sumptuous green jewel tone. The effect can be stunning.

You can also dial up the warmth of a room, or dial it down, by choosing the right type of green. Yellow-leaning greens are on the warm side of the color wheel, while blue-greens are cooler. Set your paint thermostat accordingly! As you can see, it's wrong to view "green" as a solitary color. Its variations, virtually limitless, can add a sense of calm and comfort to any home.

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