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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Keep Your Countertops Organized

Your countertops in your home are actually beautiful, when you can see them! If your countertops in your kitchen or bathroom are cluttered and full of excess ‘stuff', your are probably wasting valuable time looking for items. Organization isn't just about looking nice and tidy; it is about being efficient with your time and utilizing your space for what it is intended for. Clutter free counters in the kitchen will help you cook better and enjoy the experience.
In the bathroom, you will save time and energy by keeping your countertops organized and clutter free. Use the tips to help in your home.

Get rid of items that are seldom used: 

For many kitchens and bathrooms the culprit’s of large amounts of space being used is through seldom used appliances, toiletry items and old decorative items. In your kitchen assess which small appliances you don’t use every day. Utilize under counter space, as well as pull out shelves to gain more space on the counters, in your bathroom store hair dryers, curling irons, and electric razors below the sink or in adjacent cabinets.

Replace old countertops

If you don’t like your countertops, you won’t mind filling every inch of space with unneeded items. If your countertops have old plastic laminate, chipping tiles, or an outdated color on them, spruce them up! Consider replacing countertops with granite, solid surfacing or a new and trending color to match the rest of your décor. If your budget is small, consider replacing broken tiles, or disguise the old counter with a new ‘shell’. Overlay countertops made from resin/granite, or even replacing with a concrete slab may be more affordable than you think.

Store household items where they correctly belong

Instead of storing your tool set, and the baby’s toys, and the dog’s leash and brush all on the kitchen or bathroom counter, how about finding designated storage for all your household goods? Counter tops become a catchall haven for everything under the sun in your home; this will keep your countertops cluttered. If you have a utility or laundry room, store pet accessories and tools in a closet, or cabinet. If you have space in your garage, build shelves or organizational space for multipurpose items. In your home, utilize vertical storage in closets, and have an area for baby toys in the appropriate areas of your home.

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Add décor to your counter to be proud of: Similarly, to the cluttered counter with items on it, a counter with a beautiful vase of flowers or an antique heirloom from your family can be displayed proudly on an uncluttered countertop. In fact, you will want to display it proudly, and intuitively you will start to keep you counters cleaner and free of unwanted household supplies and clutter. Consider doing a clean sweep of your counters and start fresh. Meaning, remove everything and one-by-one assess whether the item should be kept, tossed, or put away, it will really help!
Your countertops can be kept clean and orderly with the use of these tips and your diligence. If you live in a home with roommates or a family, explain your goal in keeping the countertops clean. Believe it or not, many household germs, and allergens are passed by everyday items coming in contact with your food, toothbrush, etc… So if you don’t keep them clean for the aesthetics, at least keep them clean for your health.

The winter does not need to be a cold, miserable time. On the contrary, by drawing out the beauty of the fall and the winter and bringing it into your home, you will find that this feeling will only enhance your family life and make your home your sanctuary from the cold outdoors.

As the seasons change from summer to fall, so must your home accessories! It’s time to pack away the lemonade pitchers and the cool coloured decor and create warmth in the home with rich colours and cosy accents. An essential item for autumn, candles create a cosy atmosphere in your home through their warmth and accent lighting. Adding seasonal themed items to your living room is as easy as changing up your pillow covers - don't forget about all warm fall colors!

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