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Friday, 31 May 2013

Interior Design With Black Furniture

Interior design with black furniture pieces made out of wood and leather are the most common, rather popular choices among households all across the globe. This is because, black furniture brings in fantastic contrasting elements in a room and make the interiors look classic. Well, how to interior design with black furniture?
The most visible of these is the black interior decoration furniture such as desks and cabinets that is wrapped in a room with a black background on the wall. This black color appears to be more dominant than the other colors. You can collaborate on this black color with other colors like white, red or any color you like. You only need to consider the composition and comparison of these colors.

Monotone color tones  The most obvious color design idea to select for room with black furniture is monotone color tones. Monotone color tones are generally bland and neutral, and will thus blend perfectly with black furniture. It is always recommended to choose a single monotone color but introducing varied textures and shades. The use of monotone shades in accent pieces is also an excellent way to employ the color. Rugs, flower vases, cushions, are some common options that may be introduced in monotone shades featuring varied patterns and textures.

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Bright and complementary color tones –vibrant and bright colors are also excellent options that go very well with black furniture. However, as these shades are striking as the black furniture, their use in the room should be minimal or restricted. In simple terms, they are not to be used in the entire room, but on one or two accent walls. Pick out an accent wall, where you have the entertainment center or the fireplace and decorate the entire section in a bright color. The common options of bright colors that you may choose are red, bright purple, dark pink, or aqua blue.

Textures and patterns – textures and patterns in varied color schemes are also a good choice for room with black furniture. The most beneficial feature of textures and patterns is that they do not restrict you in color choice. You may choose two colors such as red and white and have the walls painted in this. You can select bold patterns as well as small patterns in a gamut of colors. Textures can be added by using varied techniques such as sponging, rag rolling, pop corn etc. The only thing to be ensured is that the patterns and textures should be minimal.

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