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Monday, 13 May 2013

Ideas For Modernizing Bedroom

Usually, people forget that the bedroom is a place which gives each peace of mind and we can rest and relax here. And,unfortunately, it is also the most neglected part of our living space.

There are various ways to decorate and maintain our bedroom. This place needs a proper decoration without stuffing too much of anything. The variety of furniture and other accessories available in the market is beyond imagination.

So, when you decide to modernize a bedroom it entails cutting out chaotic patterns and overuse of bright colors. A modern look is a simple and clean look that can bring a sense of peace to any room.

1. Paint your walls using a neutral color of your choice. Some common paint colors you could look at that will help modernize a bedroom are: cream, beige, white, brown, sage or avocado green.

2. Decorate with furniture that has clean straight lines and a dark solid finish or coverings to help modernize the bedroom. If you use furnishings that have arcs and curves or high patterned designs you will lose that modern feel.

3. Keep it simple by eliminating all that extra furniture to further help modernize the bedroom. Break it down to the basics: bed, dresser and a side table or two.

4. Accentuate your modern bedroom by adding bolder colors to only certain aspects in the room such as pictures -for a modernized look use pictures that compliment your wall and furniture colors but have just a splash of bold color, rugs, decorations and pillows. But be sure not to overdo the addition of color by adding too many or too much color to the bedroom. Solid pillows and rugs or those with clean straight or simple designs with limited colors will help you modernize your room without overdoing it.

5. Keep your comforter and sheet colors neutral to compliment your walls. You can also do bedding in your bolder color of choice but that can sometimes give the room too much color. If you still opt to do bright bedding try to keep the sheets neutral and viewable to help break up some of the "color pop" in the room. 

6. Add soft natural or ambient lighting to help accentuate and modernize the bedroom. Eliminate any bright lighting and extravagant light fixtures. Consider using lamps with neutral colored shades and softer lighting.
The interior offered by designers is good when the general concept of the house atmosphere is known and clearly perceived. When the clear idea is not known to the house owner, even designers cannot help since the feelings and attitude of the owner may work against the interior created by the person not involved in personal preferences and opinion of the host. 
No matter what interior design you choose, the best way is when you feel comfortable not the impression you want to make on your guests. Most of time you live in the house and uncomfortable space with ugly but stylish designer tendency can quickly ruin your positive emotions. And vice versa, the pompous interior is appropriate for those who often demonstrate private life to open public.

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