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Sunday, 26 May 2013

How British Decorate Their Bathroom?

uld do in a bathroom adding mirrors and some accessories. It was not long before the little room finally entered the house and became part of the design considerations of a home.

Invested with this new status the bathroom grew in stature of importance in the house, together with the kitchen wich was already integral part of it, only it was relegated downstairs, at the bottom, "the place for cook and maid". The influence from Europe finally was what gave the bathroom the ultimate status within the home boosting literally hundreds of new products designed for the purpose.

Bathrooms now had baths and basins, mirrored cabinets and vanity units with storage, heaters, various accessories and the obvious pan, with carpets o the floor! It does not end here, a bathroom in a house is now in competition for being the most designed room as people are appreciating other possibilities like showers (only lately very popular in U.K bathroom design), bidets, hydromassage baths, steam rooms and saunas, music, TV screens and colour therapy. Unfortunately the average sized bathroom does not have enough space for it all so in some cases the bathroom becomes an open plan design integrating itself with the bedroom. However, ceramic and stone tiles or wooden floors have replaced carpets and wall decoration in most if not all bathrooms designed in the last few years.

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Brits’ bathroom design choices have been described as "more adventurous" following the recession by two interior design insiders. The improving economic climate appears to have inspired British homeowners to think outside the box when it comes to decorating their bathroom. The DIY industry saw something of a boom time, as many homeowners opted to add to the value of their home via improvements. Now it appears that homeowners are now opting to go for more extravagant themes, colours and accessories when decorating their bathroom following the recession.

Some of the key trends and colour schemes show that people want to have more fun with their bathrooms and their homes in general, and with the Royal Wedding set to take place on April the 29th many colourful and patriotic designs have come back in fashion, with the Union Jack, bunting and designs featuring crowns and other royal memorabilia becoming a familiar sight in many home stores. Bright colours and patterns have also had a renaissance, with more people opting to go for what feels right, as opposed to the more subdued bathroom designs they see in magazines.

For example, bathroom design in London is enjoying good popularity in later years as people are re-discovering the home bathroom in a cultural sense as it becomes a place where the mere need of washing is shifted to second place to give space to relaxation. One can say that many modern bathrooms are actually used to clean work related stress more than anything else hence the designs of ever larger baths that can accommodate more users turning the bathroom in a socialising spot competing with the kitchen.

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