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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hall Decorating Ideas

We don't think about it often on how to arrange the hall. But it is worth looking more closely at the room that meets so many functions in our apartment. When you arrange a hall, we should pay attention to both its functionality and the aesthetics. Unfortunately, usually it is not so simple. Hallways in the apartments are usually small, nieustawne, narrow and dark. Therefore, it is difficult to manage such an interesting space.
Entrance is after all a business card and the promise of what we will see later in the apartment. It is worth to think over the placement of equipment, choice of colors and effective lighting.

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To visually more attractive and make the corridor to make it both practical and roomy, we save space for built-in wardrobe. In the narrow spaces that do not have much space, are ideal for filling in the form of mirrors.
-"To visually enlarge the space, we use bright colors, shiny surfaces, light construction, instead of closed walls. You can also place mirrors on opposite walls" - explains Monika Felix, Director of Advertising and Interior Designer Company Commander. – "In the large hall, we can afford to color extravaganza."

Strong color will create interesting if the whole will be repeated also in other parts of the property – doing Monika Felix.Also be useful table or shelf for keys. In addition, even in a small anteroom should fit a coat hanger, storage for shoes, umbrella stand, and separate space for outer clothing.
The color scheme of connecting rooms to give a smooth flow from one room to the next, or select a complementary color to give the hallway a different look. This unit looks rather compact and it offers lots space for storage.

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