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Monday, 27 May 2013

Grey Color In Home Decorating

Many people think of gray as a "safe" color, but that is not true at all! Grey isn't a color that a lot of people choose to use in their home decor. But with gray, it's possible to create either brilliant or truly awful interiors. Used well, the color gray can lend interiors an elegant formality that is subtle without being overly conservative.

It is the color if you want to create an air of calm, understated confidence. For gray to have this psychological impact, it's best combined with whites and other neutrals. Gray can be a wonderful background color for other, more intense colors. If you get the right shade of gray and stir it into a more adventurous room color scheme, it will make the other colors "sing".
The danger with gray is that if you have this color on too many surfaces, with no other color (or a clean white) to brighten it up, the color gray will be overpowering and you'll end up in a dull, moody environment. But throw in some whites, or more intense colors, and the color gray will become a chic, 

sophisticated canvas for your life.
Grey is a terrific color that can offer a soothing, cooling presence for a room. It's a neutral color so it works well with many other colors. It's a good choice for both a primary design color and for accent pieces.

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When grey is used in the home, it's often used in the kitchen. Kitchens are designed to be sterile places. Grey suggests this kind of cool cleanness. Grey cabinets and kitchen appliances can add a nice level of formality to your kitchen.

The bathroom is another great place for the color grey. Typically it's seen in floor tiles and shower walls. Here we have a terrific textured wall of grey tiles that are combined with other neutral colors, like tan, to create a unique look for the room.

Grey in any room often creates a sense of peaceful formality. If you want to have a living space that reminds you a bit of a museum then grey can be a good choice. Mix it with white and keep the furnishings sparse to pull off this look. Grey can also suggest a sort of old-time elegance that derives from a different era in time.

Don't be afraid to combine grey with other colors to alter the mood of the space. Grey can really enhance bright colors especially when those colors are used in dramatic ways like as paint on the walls of a big room. The grey softens the impact of the bold color and creates an interesting visual appeal. Grey is totally modern and fun!

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