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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Folding Fancy Towels

One of the tricks of the trade used at upscale hotels is to fold towels and washcloths in ways that are both memorable and decorative. These extra touches are easy to bring into your own home and can make a lasting impression on visiting friends and family. 

Fold Towels into Rolls
Add an upscale touch to sinks in guest bathrooms by taking a stack of washcloths or cloth napkins and rolling them into a basket. To create this shape, turn a washcloth tag side up. Fold one corner into the center, then overlap with the opposite corner. Starting from the bottom, flip the end over, then roll the towel tightly, all the way up. Arrange a group of rolled towels in a pretty basket next to the sink. Don't forget another basket nearby for guests to drop in used towels.

Fold Full-Size Towels
For overnight guests, leave towels in a simple but elegant package. Start with a full-size bath towel, tag side up. Fold it in half, then in half again. Then fold the towel in thirds staring from one end. Then turn the towel over and flip one end down. 

Fold Washcloths & Small Towels
For a useful and fancy finishing touch, fan the washcloth. Lay it out tag side down, and flip about an inch of the side over. Fold the next inch under, and repeat in an accordion pattern all the way to the end of the washcloth. When you're finished, tuck the fan into the pocket of the bath towel.

Fold Hand Towels
Here's a simple, decorative touch for a hand towel. Lay the hand towel out, tag side facing down. Fold the bottom edge about a third of the way up. Turn the towel over, and fold one side a third of the way down. Fold the other Side on top, and tuck in the ends. Flip the top of the towel over, and then hang on a towel rack. And for a finishing touch, add your fanned out washcloth.

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