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Monday, 6 May 2013

Decorating Bedroom In A Tuscan Style

Tuscan decorating for the master bedroom is simple and uncluttered. Many people choose to decorate their bedrooms in the Tuscan style, because it can easily add warmth and can transform any room into a romantic and comfortable place to rest and relax. To achieve a Tuscan look to the bedroom, you should remember the key elements of Tuscan colors bedroom design featuring scroll work iron, the use of marble and other organic elements. To create a rustic look for your bedroom, you can paint the walls in earth tones, such as ocher, beige and rust.

Flooring options include wood, brick and marble. Window Treatments are usually white cotton curtains floor to ceiling. Lace, as detailed below, along the edges, or all of the tents can be used to give personality to the window.
Many people think it’s hard to decorate a bedroom Tuscan. But if you search the web for ideas on how to create this look for your bedroom, you will surely realize that it is now easier to have the bedroom Tuscan you’ve always dreamed of. As a starting point, we decided to put together some images of bedrooms in Tuscany that we have found around the net so you will get some ideas on a bedroom Tuscan decor.

1. Tuscan Style Master Bedroom - Walls

Tuscany master bedroom decorating starts with white walls. Whitewashing can be done on plaster or adobe walls. Otherwise, prime the wall to help any color from bleeding through, and paint the walls white.

2. Tuscan Style Decorating - Bed Frame

Typical Tuscan bed frames are wrought iron with very few embellishments. Use the blackened iron or paint the head board and foot board white. Although wrought iron beds provide the simple Tuscan decorating style they are not essential. Another option is to have a wooden bedstead. A slated headboard is dark wood would suffice.
Instead of a comforter shower the bed with a simple white cotton blanket. Also known as a matelasse, they are a staple to create the light and fresh feel of a Tuscan style master bedroom. If color is preferred use quilts with a floral design including colors such as deep burgundy, mid-tone blue or green, and golden yellow.

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3. Tuscan Nightstand

A bedside table can be made of dark wood or wrought iron. In either style the marble top should be used to keep with the Tuscany decorating style.

4. Decorate Tuscan Style - Window Treatments

Simple and light are key for Tuscan master bedroom decorating. Traditional window treatment, for Tuscan decorating, uses white cotton floor to ceiling curtains. Lace, as detail at the bottom, along the edges, or throughout the curtains, can be used to provide personality to the window. Cotton window treatments are not only aesthetically pleasing, they protect the master bedroom from the brilliant sun. Use a decorative wrought iron curtain rod to add charm to the master bedroom.

5. Accessorize the Master Bedroom in the Tuscan Style

There are so many choices of accessories to bring color to a Tuscan decorated master bedroom. Choose your accent pieces carefully since less is best. Some choices include:
• Wrought iron wall sconces with accent colored candles.
• Throw pillow with a floral print. Use several prints and textures to add color to the white bed linens.
• Terra Cotta pots with small floral arrangements.
• Sepia toned photos framed in wrought iron picture frames.
• Wall tapestry depicting a window looking over the Tuscany landscape is an example of Tuscany wall décor.
• Wrought iron wall hangings also represent the Tuscan wall décor.
• Old world paintings in ornate frames.

6. Decorate Master Bedroom Tuscan Style - Flooring

A wood floor, in a natural tone, will bring together all the Tuscan master bedroom decorating. Scatter a few cotton rugs where needed. If wood is not an option choose carpeting in neutral and natural shades. In either case the floor should not detract from the simplicity of the Tuscan decorated room.

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