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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Decorate Your Home For Fall And Winter

While you are still sitting by the pool, sipping a cold drink and sunbathing under the blue skies above, your thoughts are probably a million miles away from the upcoming change in the seasons and the onset of fall and winter. But the calendar is moving on, and before you know it you will need to bring out your sweaters and winter coats.

Fall evokes thoughts of bright colored leaves turning the landscape into a change of color, crisp fallen leaves under foot, a chill in the air and cozying up to a warm fire with a mug of hot chocolate or warm apple cider. During these months, you want to feel that you are walking into a warm house that is welcoming you after being exposed to the elements. So how do you prepare your house for the upcoming winter? Getting ready for fall and winter is not only about how you can afford the heating bills. It is also about a certain welcoming, cozy atmosphere that you only feel at this time of the year. A truly warm home is one that you look forward to coming back to after being out in the cold.

Colors. First of all, blend your home with the colors around you. This does not mean that you have to do a major redecorating job. However, you can change the colors of certain accessories to match the various shades and hues outside. In the fall, the roads and sidewalks are strewn with red, orange, and yellow leaves as the deciduous trees shed their beautiful loads. These are the colors of the fall, and they are also warm, fiery colors that will make your home a welcoming place.

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Drapes and rugs. So this is the time to bring out the red, orange, or yellow velvet drapes at the windows. Change the area rugs, so that the cool blue rug in the living room is replaced with a fiery, hot red rug. If your sofa is a neutral color, decorate it with throw pillows in hot shades. In the bathroom, put out red or orange towels so that when you have a hot bath after being in the cold rain you will feel truly warmed up. Similarly, put up a red or orange shower curtain to match.

Now is also the time to change the pictures on the walls. Remove the summer country scenes, and replace them with pictures of your children in snowsuits, ice sculptures, or scenes of snow in the winter.
Fragrance is also a powerful agent of atmospheres. Therefore, greet your spouse when he returns home from work or your children when they get back from school with the pleasant odor of a good, hot winter soup on the stove and freshly baked rolls. If you don’t have the time to create such masterpieces, think about creating winter fragrances with scented candles. The fragrance of fresh apples, for example, from a scented candle also creates a warm atmosphere.

The winter does not need to be a cold, miserable time. On the contrary, by drawing out the beauty of the fall and the winter and bringing it into your home, you will find that this feeling will only enhance your family life and make your home your sanctuary from the cold outdoors.

As the seasons change from summer to fall, so must your home accessories! It’s time to pack away the lemonade pitchers and the cool coloured decor and create warmth in the home with rich colours and cosy accents. An essential item for autumn, candles create a cosy atmosphere in your home through their warmth and accent lighting. Adding seasonal themed items to your living room is as easy as changing up your pillow covers - don't forget about all warm fall colors!

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