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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Choosing a Feature Wall

There are a few different ways to choose a feature wall. The best way is to choose a wall that holds the focus of the room. In the living room this could be the wall the sofa runs along while in a bedroom it could be the wall at the head of the bed. 

Try to avoid walls that have windows and doors. They tend to detract from the effect you're trying to create. That said, a wall that already has a focal point (such as a mantel) can make a great feature wall because it accents an already attention-grabbing wall. 

Try not to choose any wall that's too small because it can make the room look visually cluttered and choppy. 

Feature Wall Styles 

When most people think of feature walls they think of something as simple as one wall being painted a different color than the others. It's a great way to create a feature wall, but it's not the only one.

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    Wallpaper – Using wallpaper to cover a single wall is a great way to create a focus. Using something with a strong pattern, color or texture is the best way to do it. However, if you want a really subtle effect you can uses a tone-on-tone wallpaper with a pattern such as damask, floral or diamond.
   Picture Gallery – Mounting a picture gallery is a great way to create a feature wall. Use a lot of framed pictures and mount them in a pleasing way (it can be symmetrical or not).
   Stripes – Use paint or wallpaper to create a stylish feature wall. Vertical stripes are more traditional, but horizontal stripes appear to expand the width of the room.

When deciding what color or pattern to feature think about what kind of effect you want to create. A dark color will make the wall appear closer to you while a light wall will have the opposite effect. The same goes for large patterns versus small patterns. 

It's important to remember that a feature wall should accent a room rather than overwhelm it. Don't choose something that doesn't fit with the style of the room.

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