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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bedroom Tranformation With Bed Canopies

The modern bedroom design idea is to create a visual frame around the bed and give a sense of height and luxury while retaining that soft look, all of which are gained by using a canopy bed. Bed canopies, princess styles, curtained beds and the use of mosquito styled nettings are being incorporate into many modern bedroom designs. With the advent of modern life and central heating, canopy beds in modern bedroom design soon became more decorative than functional. Opting for a style which compliments you interior style is easy with so many variations to choose from. Traditionally four poster beds were used with thick brocade curtains as a way of keeping warm during the winter by the wealthy. Visit any stately home or castle in the UK and you will see exquisite and elaborate beds which either have thick curtaining or opulent princess styled canopies.
The poorer people used curtains to provide privacy for parents when their entire family slept in the same room, as well as an effective way to help them keep warm during the winter. Many beds were designed to fit into niches within the modern bedroom or living space and used a curtain to close at night to segregate people who shared rooms. Whilst in today's modernised world most people have their own bedrooms and rarely share with children or others the revival of using these different bedroom styles is becoming increasingly popular.

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Modern alternatives of bed canopies are made from lengths of fabric which are suspended above a bed and whilst these do not offer any form of privacy they can look striking and bring a whole new perspective to a modern bedroom design. Princess canopies are often used in girl's modern bedrooms to give an elaborate and "princess" theme to the room. Grander, larger princess styled bed canopies are also being used in master bedrooms to give a unique and sensual appearance. Semi-circular loops of plastic or metal hold the fabric in place and shape, as with modern bed canopies this style is used purely for aesthetic purposes rather than privacy. 
Mosquito nets are used in many countries where their need is essential, however they are also being used in the UK to add a sensuous look to a bedroom. Mosquito nets fashioned from overhead beams create the look of a four-poster bed while allowing the drama of the ceiling to speak for itself. These are available in a a wide variety of different colours and can be embellished with fabric butterflies, sequins and beads to coordinate with bedrooms with a specific theme.

Black mosquito nets can be seen coordinated with ruby reds to create a sexy and seductive look in modern homes. Whilst black teamed with teal or vibrant neons are a great way to create a funky teenage bedroom. Four poster styles: There are wide variations as to how these can be achieved with a modern or luxury bedroom design. Beautiful white voile fabric threaded through poles is an effective and affordable way to create chic style which creates a sophisticated, yet sensuous look to the modern bedroom. Alternatively eyelet curtains are a great way to add curtains of different fabric weights. These are widely available in a whole host of different patterns and colours and are an easy and effective way of providing privacy and intimacy.

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