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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Camp Style Home Decorating Ideas

Adding a touch of camp style into the home when thinking about decorating brings a comfortable, easy going feel to the home. There are many ways to achieve this look, from camp style furniture and accessories, to simpler options like paint and rustic bedding collections. Taking a little time to understand various options will help one achieve the look desired.
A camp style decorating theme uses a color palette that takes its hue from nature and rustic cabins. The colors of the fall season – brown, green, orange, red – as well as muted grays and blue are often used. If decorating a whole room, wall, trim and door color can be painted and coordinated with furniture fabrics. To achieve a hint of the cozy cabin look, color use can be more subtle, used in bedding, throw pillows and blankets. Most paint stores will provide pre-matched color palettes so coordination of colors is simple.
A rustic, camp-inspired look often includes prints and stencils of outdoor, 

wildlife and outdoor sports motifs like fishing and hunting. From wallpaper, fabric prints to paintings and cabin themed bedding, this is an area that requires a deft touch to blend multiple looks. Too much of a single theme can be overwhelming (too many bears or pine trees can get monotonous), so make sure to step back and consider the design well.

Camp themed furniture uses traditional joinery and minimally finished wood for most pieces. This type of style is often distressed and imperfection in the wood or finish is celebrated rather than hidden. Couches, chairs and beds are generally large and comfortable.
For bedrooms, a camp style look is easily achieved by changing bedding and adding a few accessories, such as pillows and quilts. There is a wide range of bedding sets available that run from more subtle prints and tones to more rustic and authentic cabin looks.

Fabric and bedding material for a rustic-inspired look is important. Fabric for furniture tends to be heavy woven material. Bedding material is usually flannel or a blend of cotton and polyester known as percale. Rustic-inspired bedding comes in all standard sizes.
Locating rustic furniture, accessories and bedding is fairly easy. This design theme popularity is growing so finding a store nearby shouldn’t be too difficult. A way to get access to the widest variety of rustic items is to go online. This is a great option for inspiration, as many sites have abundant examples of rustic-themed rooms that can be a great inspiration and guide.

A professional interior designer might be worth investigating if the prospect of putting together a rustic look is too intimidating. Many furniture stores have on-staff designers that can help with color palette and accessories that complement their furniture. Independent designers are also an option; just make sure they are comfortable working in a camp style. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or ask to see photos of work they have done in the camp style.

Whether investing in new furniture or simply adding a touch of the outdoors with bedding rustic, a nature-inspired look can be calming and beautiful. Adding home bedding would be the simplest way without going overboard.

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