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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Style Focus: Country Kitchen

If you enjoy hearty cooking, rustic features and believe the kitchen is the heart of the home, you might like to consider installing a country kitchen.

What is a Country Kitchen?

It could be said that the country kitchen is at the opposite end of the style spectrum to a minimalist space. Typically, a country kitchen sprouts charm, tradition and warmth. It conjures up images of the family gathered around the dining table to enjoy a feast featuring freshly-picked vegetables and herbs from the garden.

In Australia, country kitchens reflect a rural setting and are adorned with timber, patterns such as checks and florals, and a natural paint palette.

French provincial is often classed as a country style, given its ornate and cottage-like features. However, while French provincial kitchens tend to be all-white, Australian country includes deeper and bush-inspired hues.

What are the Hallmarks of a Country Kitchen?

There are several elements that unite to create a quintessential country kitchen. Consider:

Style Focus: Country Kitchen

·   Natural materials such as timber, stone and other earthy elements make an impact and create a cosy and inviting space. Look for one-off pieces, or opt for timber-grain vinyl if you’re on a tight budget.

·   Hand-painted armoires, cabinets or even the ceiling beams add a rustic, shabby chic feel. 

·   Wrought iron used for cabinet handles, door knobs or an eye-catching feature light.

·   Open shelves are characteristic of a country kitchen, upon which you can display an eclectic set of white or colourful cups, saucers, jugs and plates.

·   Glass-fronted cabinets are another option for displaying wares, while keeping them out of sight. Consider adorning cabinets with crown mouldings for an authentic country style.

·    Tile splashbacks liven up the country kitchen, especially in earthy tones such as rich reds, burnt orange, blues or patterns.

·    Hardy appliances such as an industrial-sized freestanding oven, deep sink and double-door fridge are reminiscent of busy baking days and traditional family cooking.

Country Kitchen Design Ideas

The beauty of the country kitchen is that you can create a really unique space that reflects you and your family. Here are a few of our favourite design tips:

·  Scour second-hand stores for distressed or dented cabinets. An old oak cabinet adds a lovely lived-in feel to the kitchen.
·   Accessorise with country-style signs, such as ‘fresh lemonade’, ‘fresh eggs’ or ‘milk 10c a gallon’.
·   Be bold with colour – brighten an all-white kitchen with bright blue china, vases and crockery; or make a statement with a large, rustic kitchen island.
·   Copper pots and pans displayed on hooks complement the country theme and are reminiscent of home-style cooking.

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