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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Small Kitchen Design Solutions

A small kitchen can be both workable and stylish. Many people tend to think that small means bad. However when it comes to a small kitchen there are many different ways that you can be creative and come up with the perfect interior design for your kitchen. If you are not creative luckily there are various different kitchen decoration ideas available online. You can look at pictures and read up on different tips that you can use to give you that perfect design that you want. With some clever thinking and a few simple tricks with colour and light, you can banish clutter, get organised and streamline as your surfaces.

When considering what design you want in your small kitchen, you need to come up with a theme that you want. You may decide on from various styles like modern day, standard, cozy, contemporary, black and white, colorful, Asian, African, Japanese, or other creative interior design tips which could be utilized for your kitchen.
Clear out. Keep your kitchen under control by regularly cleaning out your cupboards and throwing away items that have passed their use-by dates. Get rid of little-used appliances and gadgets that take up valuable space - you could sell them online or take them to a car boot sale. Then organise your recipes in binders. Only keep as much crockery and glassware as you really need – additional place settings for guests can be stored in a cupboard outside of the kitchen where there is less competition for space.

Plan ahead. Where space is at a premium, use online planning tools to design the layout of your kitchen.IKEA has free home planning software which allows you to drag and drop kitchen units into a room plan, enabling you to work around doors and windows and place your appliances next to the water and gas sources.

Kitchen units. Kitchen units with only a subtle finger-pull instead of a handle are more seamless in a small space where surface distractions can make a room feel more claustrophobic. Units with a high gloss surface are reflective, so they're ideal for bouncing light around. A corner unit carousel allows for easy access to items that would otherwise be stuck at the back of the cupboard. Pull-out shelf storage makes the most of deep units without using up too much width. Corner sinks are another good option if your kitchen has an awkward layout. Get door panels fitted over the dishwasher and fridge for a more integrated look that will make the room feel less crowded.

Extra storage. Use open walls to display items on shelves and free up some drawer space, but choose what you store on them carefully to avoid a cluttered look. A wall rack for pots and pans will save cupboard space, while a wall-mounted drainer will save you surface space. Use drawer dividers to keep things organised. Store pasta and dried foods in matching jars for a unified look.

Colour & light. A white or neutral scheme will make the space appear bigger. Choose a monochromatic colour scheme made up from different tones of the same colour to make furniture appear less prominent. Keep as much natural light as possible and use plenty of ambient and task lighting. Paint low ceilings in a brilliant white or a lighter tone of the same colour used on the walls to create the illusion of height. You can make a narrow, corridor-like kitchen feel more square by painting the two shorter walls in a slightly darker tone. Paint window frames and skirting boards in the same colour as the walls with an eggshell finish to create a seamless effect.

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