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Monday, 8 April 2013

Interior Design Trends - What's Hot 2013

You need to be quick to keep up with trends, particularly in the world of interior design which is only slightly less fickle than fashion. Trends are driven by a diverse range of factors including contemporary culture as well as past, current and future innovations. If you are styling your home just remember that there is a fine art to the process – and should ideally involve some considered research. Inspiration is all around us, with showrooms, magazines, friend’s homes and the internet all great sources. If you are unsure of where to begin, taking advice from an experienced interior design consultant is well worth the investment. Otherwise, check out the following themes for an idea of what is hot right now… 


Fashionistas and interior designers are constantly recycling a period, era or look – taking inspiration from the past never goes out of style. You do have to keep your finger on the pulse to see which era, colour or design school is currently cool. Right now the 1960s and 1970s are the retro flavour of the month and very much in vogue. Here think shag pile rugs, bold pastels and furniture in warm pine tones. If you want to have ago yourself why not enrol in a short course in interior design?


For 2013 the trend in flooring – more specifically floorboards - is definitely for light tones, with grey oaks and antique lime-washed whites leading the way. In terms of the board dimensions go for long and wide. These elements lend a sophisticated touch to contemporary and classic interiors while helping to give a light and airy feel to smaller scale rooms. In terms of materials hardwood is still popular but families with small children like the durability of laminates. A well-placed rug can add a dash of accent and colour to any room and continue to be a hot decorative feature this year. 

Interior Design Trends - What's Hot 2013


Current trends in lighting continue to develop on a theme of bright visible cords and exposed bulbs. In fact bulbs have evolved to become the centrepiece of many pendants and lamps – with manufacturers producing ever more elaborate and enlarged versions. Clustering is another theme which continues to gain traction, either with a collection of exposed bulbs or pendants. More elaborative decorative lighting such as chandeliers have had to adapt to lower ceilings and smaller spaces, but still ooze style and sparkle in the right setting. 

Vertical Gardens

Yes, you read right – a garden slap bang in your living room. Here the inspiration comes from vertical garden pioneer Patrick Blanc who invented the concept of a green wall way back in 1988. This not only makes for a stunning, living feature wall but literally brings the outdoors in. And while it is possible to DIY your own version, dedicated modular systems feature integrated support and irrigation systems - a safer bet from a practical perspective. 


Wallpaper is ever so hot right now, after a hiatus of a few decades or so. Leading the way are small boutique companies that are reviving an interest in classic retro, metallic geometric and botanical prints. In addition to the huge store of classic and contemporary themed wallpaper you can you can now have designs custom made using inspiration from photographs or graphic designs. Just remember that adding wallpaper to a room needs to be done with care. The pattern, colour and design theme of the wallpaper will have a major influence on the mood of the room. Why not get impartial advice on your wallpaper choice from an interior decorator or dedicated wallpapering specialist?

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