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Monday, 29 April 2013

How Do You Organize A Small Living Room?

The living room is probably the most important area in your house. It is in places you can entertain the majority of guests to your house, and thus gorgeousness is as essential as comfort if you want to leave visitors with a great impact.

Some people would bother if it will arrange the room the size of a mediocre or small, but now you do not have to confused with all that. Here are some photos of a small space from the living room and some tips on decorating a small living room space.

1. Use lighter shades of green, blue, and yellow for your walls

Bright colors or pastels help open the room and give a more airy feel. If you want cozier feel to your living room, use a darker shade of red, blue and brown.

2. For further assistance open space, using mirrors and glass table tops. Mirrors reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space. Ensure that the mirrors reflect the views or decorative items to enhance the room. Use glass table tops to provide a small space that you live in an open feel, rather than using hard wood table which further shrink the room.

3. Avoid heavy use of printed cushions to your seat and sofa. Use a light, monochromatic color matching. Avoid mixing and matching colors as well, because it makes the room look smaller and tighter.

4.Use a light thin and filmy fabrics for your window treatments. These fabrics allow natural light passing through and add more personality your living room. Do not be excessive and avoid using heavy fabrics printed in a small living room design

Soft light and color of the room looking for the hip A wall is usually a problem. In a small living room you can try to paint with a ‘cool’ colors like blue or green. Make sure the shades in the room is dark colors, to complement the entire room. If you follow the rules, you really can give the appearance of the ceiling is higher.

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