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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Get The Look: Scandinavian Style


Simple and functional, yet gracefully designed, Scandinavian style made its first appearance in the late 1950s, when the Scandinavian Design show travelled through the United States and Canada. Both stylish and affordable, the style caught on and became the "in" look of the early 60s. Whilst other styles of furniture and interior decor have come into vogue since then, Scandinavian style has continued to influence interior design ever since. What is Scandinavian style and how can you get the look in your home?

What is Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian style is an outgrowth of Scandinavian hand-crafted furniture design. Always functional and practical, when the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark began mass producing furniture between World Wars, they departed from the ornate furnishings and decor of the Art Deco era, focusing instead on minimalist, yet aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic design principles. When the world began rebuilding after World War II, Scandinavian furniture came into vogue and began to influence interior design trends. Some of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design include:

Get The Look: Scandinavian Style

·         Airy, open spaces.
·         Natural daylight.
·          A preference for natural materials.
·          White as a primary colour, complemented by a refined colour scheme.
Design trends today are highly influenced by our environmental concerns. We are looking for ways to minimise wasting natural resources and make our homes more energy efficient. At the same time, we're taking advantage of modern technology, making use of home automation systems, home entertainment systems and sleek, minimalist flat screen TV units.  It's easy to see how the Scandinavian look fits in perfectly with our modern lifestyle.

How to Get the Scandinavian Look

Notice in particular how:

·     White soft furnishings and minimalist designs are an emerging trend.

·  Timber floors and floating floors create a natural look and feel in the    home. 

·  Wide glass sliding and folding doors open up the house to the outdoors and let natural light in.

· Colour accents add excitement and character to a room.
Whilst you'll find hundreds of examples of the Scandinavian look on our photo pages, no two are exactly alike. One room has a contemporary, urban look, with white and shades of grey being the predominant colour scheme. Another has a bold, red sofa juxtaposed against a neutral background for a dramatic effect. Yet another room seems to be an extension of the garden it opens out to. Whilst it is easy to distinguish Scandinavian style from others, there is still unlimited scope for personal expression. Why not create a Scandinavian style inspiration board and find the perfect look for your home?

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