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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Decorate Using Metal

Metal is one of those materials that everyone loves but it can be hard to know how to use it effectively in the home.  That’s why we thought it’d be a good idea to put together some tips on how to decorate with metal to get you started. To implement any of these ideas or to hear more, have a chat with your local interior decorator!
Why Use Metal in Your Home?

Metal is the perfect decorating material as it’s so versatile. You can use it inside or outside the home and if using it outside, it sometimes doesn't even matter if it rusts as the rust adds to the look! Metal decorations can also be used in all decorating styles from country to beach through to ultra modern and everything in between.  And just because you’re using metal doesn't mean that you’re stuck with that classic silver colour either. Metal comes in a huge range of colours including black, gold, bronze, copper, chrome and more.
Ideas for Decorating with Metal

Love metal but not sure how to start using it in the home?  Here are some fantastic ideas just to get you started!

·         Use it in the kitchen – metal looks great in the kitchen! Use metallic tiles for a back splash  or even a sheet of stainless steel. Steel benchtops give you that great commercial/industrial look.  Other ideas for incorporating metal in the kitchen include using cookbook holders, pot racks, utensil holders, fruit bowls, and much more.

·         Add oomph to the garden – metal looks fantastic in the garden and it often looks better when it starts to rust!  Use metal watering cans, metal pails as pots, old wheelbarrows, sculptures, shelving racks, or outdoor furniture to really jazz up your outdoor areas.

·         Go industrial with metal – if you want to add that industrial feel to your home, take advantage of metal wherever you can.  Exposed metal duct work looks great in a warehouse/loft environment but if you don’t want to take it that far, use stainless steel appliances or sleek metal furnishings to create a subtle masculine feel.

·         Decorative shelving – if you’re hanging shelves on the wall, turn them into a feature by supporting them with decorative metal brackets.  These are strong enough to take heavy weights and really add something special to what could otherwise look quite ordinary.

·         Look up to the ceiling – for something really, really special, go for metal ceilings! Embossed tin panelling looks amazing but you can also get metal panels that have been finished to look like precious metals.

·         Metal accessories – of course, you can’t go past accessories for adding that touch of metal to the home.  Think picture frames, soap dispensers, towel racks, magazine holders, shoe racks, statues or sculptures, house numbers, welcome signs, and more.

·         Furnish the home – metal is commonly used in furnishings and for good reason – it’s strong, durable and looks great. Wrought iron and steel are the two most popular options and you’ll often find them combined with timber or glass to create what are beautiful pieces.

·         Update the bathroom – try updating those old bathroom fixtures with the more modern versions of metal in shiny, brushed or matte finishes.  Your taps and showerheads are only a small part of the bathroom overall but they have a huge impact so consider splurging!

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