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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Autumn Colour Trends

The searing summer heat has departed and in its place are cooler days, chillier nights and the desire to rug up indoors. The change in season is the perfect opportunity to update your pad. With a fresh lick of paint and some inexpensive accessories and furnishings, you can transform your home from summer shack to warm, cosy autumn retreat.
Autumn Inspirations

Gone are summer brights and glossy finishes. The 2013 autumn home is an earthy, rustic and inviting space.Warm oranges, burnt reds, caramels, blues and rich golds would dominate this year’s autumn home. Interestingly, different markets then create regional-specific shades suited to their climate. So a particular shade of orange may crop up in Sydney, while in Asia it would be quite different.

Orange You Glad It’s Autumn?

This season, it’s all about orange. Pantone picked a peachy palette for spring 2013, while interior designers are welcoming a warmer shade for autumn.

Whether you choose a bold shade, such as Tangerine Tango - Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year – for a feature wall or incorporate softer orange accessories such as throws, tiles, cushions, flooring or fabrics, you’ll be bang on trend.

Orange is unexpected and refreshing. While reds and blues still wash the walls in most homes, a homeowner who dares to add a splash of orange to the living spaces will enjoy a surprising space that’s perfect for entertaining and relaxing in.

Be Bold

Complementing the orange theme are rich reds, purples and gold. You could add an accent wall in either of these colours, or pull them into the room through the use of furnishings and accessories. The result is a classy, bold space that sets the trend.

And don’t feel you have to paint the walls to get the autumn look. If you prefer all-white walls, think about adding orange furniture, a gold dining set or bold prints in a throw or wall art.

The Red Trend

Not a fan of orange? Then add a splash of red instead. Vibrant red really livens up a space and sparkles on dreary days. Just don’t go overboard – red tiles, a red rug or a freshly painted vintage red cabinet will add a subtle pop without dominating the room.

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