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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Worst Decorating Mistakes

There are no decorating rules that are set in stone since everyone's tastes are different. There are, however, standards of decorating that most people agree on. See the list below for the most common decorating mistakes that go against common decorating standards.

Decorating Mistake #1 - Clutter 

There should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. Clutter can make even the best designed homes look bad. Clutter can also add stress, burden, and anxiety to your life, so get rid of it. 

Go through your decor at least once a year to purge and put away items that you no longer love. Instead of multiple smaller items, use one larger item in your decor. Kids have many things, so attempt to keep them in order. Try to Display Children's Art in a More Organized and Sophisticated Manner.

Decorating Mistake #2 - No Colour

Most new homes are constructed with beige, cream, and white as the colour scheme in order to appeal to as many people as possible. Paint your walls a colour instead of light beige. If you are afraid of colour, use a darker beige. Don't forget about painting your ceilings.

Worst Decorating Mistakes

Decorating Mistake #3 - Protective Plastic Covering

Furniture and accessories often come in a protective plastic covering so they are not damaged or get dirty in shipping. The plastic covering should be removed immediately after you receive your item. Discard any plastic covering on your lamp shades, dining room chairs, sofa, or any other item. 

If you have children and are afraid of them getting your fabric dirty, consider getting a removable cover that should only be used when the child is using the furniture. You can also reupholster the furniture in a stain resistant fabric, such as a leather looking vinyl.

Decorating Mistake #4 - Cheap Artificial Flowers and Plants

Just admit it, you rarely clean your fake flowers and plants, especially the ones on top of your kitchen cabinets. Discard any faux flowers, plastic ivy, and dried flowers. 

Leave your upper cabinets bare except for maybe some up lighting. If you must have fake flowers or plants, spend extra money and get good quality ones, but make sure you dust them at least once a month. 

Decorating Mistake #5 - Decorating with Cheap Generic Items to Fill the Space

Decorate your home with your own personal treasures, not generic items that you are not in love with but happen to be the right size, colour, and/or price.  Your entire home does not have to be decorated within a week of you moving into it.  

Save your money and purchase quality items that interest you instead of cheap stuff you can afford now.  Quality items hold their value better than cheap stuff that falls apart and looks generic.

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