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Friday, 18 January 2013

Words Make A Statement

When you think of art it is easy to conjure the picture of a magnificent oil painting hung valiantly in a heavy gold frame. Nowadays art can be simple and fresh and assist in making your home a statement of fashion.

Words or typography have now become a notorious presence in the art world. Images, sketches, abstract or not, have moved over, giving words space on walls and canvases.

If you are unsure how to express yourself and are a little weary on how many paintings you want in your home, mix it up and print a word or a sentence on any wall in your home. This word or statement may be one of inspiration, may resonate with you personally or it may be a joke that makes you chuckle every time you pass it by. Either way, words can spruce up any room - and you can choose how dominant this feature is.

Words Make A Statement

A fan of themed rooms? Words are a perfect addition. For a child’s bedroom print a favourite quote or one from a nursery rhyme. Print it in a colour that fits the overall colour scheme.

Funk up a kitchen by adding word magnets above the stove. Elegant scripts such as ‘eat’ or ‘ yum’ can create a homey feel in any kitchen.

However if you are a love of words why not take it to the extreme. Why does a feature wall need to be restricted to colour and texture? Create a feature wall of typography. A feature wall is the perfect way to balance a room or hallway that would otherwise be bland and dull. Make a real statement and use a specific quote to create a radical pattern to be splashed on a plain wall. Black on white or white on black will make the biggest impact.

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