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Friday, 18 January 2013

What’s Hot This Season? Let’s Ask The Experts…..

Color is an extraordinary thing. Your choice of colors can actually make a room look larger, smaller, warmer or cooler. There are even colors that can help you concentrate more effectively or affect your perception of time.

What’s exciting about this is that you can create a specific atmosphere and encourage certain moods within your home just by choosing the right colours. But color is also very personal. Surrounding yourself with colors that you love is more likely to make you happier and create an environment that outlasts trends.

Color choice is all about the individual and not really the fashion decision it is often presented as. It’s all about the mood you want to create. We encourage people to select colors they love – rather than going with fads or trends. Your home will be your home for a very long time. A trend may not last the distance.”

One good tip: we spend more time indoors during the winter months, so it makes sense to choose colors that represent warmth or make you feel good.

Earthy tones currently are still very popular. Color like chocolate brown, rusted red and even charcoal greys are proving popular for feature walls or even as a base color of a home. You can balance out these colors with off-whites or lighter tones to open up a room.

What’s Hot This Season? Let’s Ask The Experts…..

Mixing fabrics with this color scheme – such as hessian loose covers - will add a touch of country charm and help create a welcoming stylish decor. Although this look has been popular for several years now, it still seems to be a Balinese theme that connects well with potential home buyers when viewing our displays.

The thought of creating a holiday retreat feel in your own home is understandably very appealing. This look usually includes exotic timbers, wood carvings, a touch of rattan all combined with lush greenery. And the furnishing of the outdoor room always plays a big part in this scheme - tropical planting and themed outdoor furniture all help to make this look “happen”.

There is an emphasis on botanical and foliage designs and the key colors for the season: bold, black and white statements, extensive tones of berry shades, as well as a focus on all shades of citrus greens. And there seems to be a strong push towards shades such as plum, purple, warm red and olive green through Studio m.

So whether you choose a warm feel to your home or are influenced by the romance of Venice or the Balinese jungle, the combinations of materials, colors and ideas are endless. But ultimately style comes down to your personal preference and at In2living we have an abundance of options for you to choose from! Enjoy!

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