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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Using Mirrors To Make Rooms Appear Bigger

Small rooms can be dark, uncomfortable and very confining. But you can make them look large, light and spacious by placing mirrors in some special positions. This way, they reflect natural and artificial light and provide an illusion of depth. Mirrors can be sturdy but are susceptible to all kinds of accidents. So make sure that your home insurance from Privilege covers any damage.


Make the most of natural light coming into the room by placing a mirror on the wall opposite a window. This reflects sunlight around the room. But if the window is large compared with the size of the room, a mirror on the opposite wall may create a lot of glare. In this case, it’s better to hang the mirror on the wall at right angles to the window. 

The effect will be the same if you use one large mirror or a number of small mirrors placed close together. Full-length mirrors on a wall opposite an entrance such as the front door gives the immediate impression of a larger hallway.

If you have a very small dining room, bedroom or bathroom, try to cover an entire wall with mirrors or mirror tiles. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors in a bedroom covering a wardrobe or other cupboard doors will give a similar effect if covering the entire wall is too expensive. 

A cheaper option in a dining room is to cover the top half of a wall with a mirror or mirror tiles and place the dining table next to it. This trick is used frequently in small cafes and restaurants.

Using Mirrors To Make Rooms Appear Bigger

If there is wall space between the window frame and inside walls – the window reveal – hang mirrors on either side of it. Place lamps or arrange wall lights to reflect from the mirrors. This gives the impression of two extra windows. However, take care not to overdo the effect. Do not hang mirrors on both of two facing walls.

Having a mirror over a fireplace is a classic trick for giving an illusion of space. Reflected light in the mirror balances out the darkness within the fireplace, but it also reflects the light from flames.

Ceiling mirrors are not to everyone’s taste and some people could find them intimidating. They are not a good idea in kitchens and bathrooms as heat and steam may loosen even the best adhesive over time. Try a mirrored ceiling in a hallway or to open up a small alcove.


Bring some immediate sparkle into a room with mirrored surfaces on table tops, mantelpieces, dressers and sideboards. It’s best to hire a professional to fit small pieces of mirrored safety glass on these surfaces. But if family members or guests feel uncomfortable seeing their reflections in the main dining table top as they eat, just add the mirrored surfaces to end tables, side tables and coffee tables.

Mirrors on the inside surfaces of cabinets, dressers and bookcases give a subtle feeling of extra space, especially if illuminated from the side.

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