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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Art Of Color

Choosing the right colors can have a huge effect on the overall look of a room and home. The use of strong shades on walls and accent furnishings creates a mood and zone distinction. Alternatively – for those a little less adventurous – play down color to let the architecture speak for itself. The use of light palettes around the home allows for other details – such as polished floor boards or feature splash back within the kitchen – take center stage.

Black is back! And it will continue to be the dominant color – however it needs be glossy, forget the dull lifeless black. It can be highlighted with a splash of white to achieve a glamorous & modern look. A great display of this is throughout the Soho displayed at Caroline Springs.

Corresponding to the furniture industry, strong black and white contrasts are dominating as thematic reflections of the 1980s. They either create a strong, graphic effect or can have an opulent and romantic effect, when used as a baroque pattern.

The Art Of Color

For those wanting a less dramatic feel - natural and green tones still prove to be popular. The new shade is gray - so any tones and hues with a gray shade will be suitable. Think duck-egg blue, slate green and earthy browns. For those wanting further inspiration visit the Jasper at Caroline Springs.

Natural and earthy colors such as brown, ochre and sand correspond with African ethno elements. Any wood based furniture will really advance this look and items like picture frames that have a wood texture will add a great depth to your homes feel. These soulful hues bring cheer to every room, making your house a happy home….even on a dull winter’s day! For those wanting some warm advice….visit our Mercer on display at Melton Victoria. It will warm your heart!

The color red, which is particularly popular with designers, is often used on white porcelain to create a lovely contrast. Those who want a strong vibrant home – red is a sensational color to begin with. Also a magnificent choice for a feature wall and works well with many different tones and furniture pieces.

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