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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Room To Suit The Season: Make Your Bedroom Winter-Friendly

It’s that time of year again: 

winter is officially upon us, accompanied by its usual plummeting temperatures, crisp grass and frosty windows. That means it’s time to transform your bedroom and turn it into a cosy haven of retreat from the sharp winds and icy glaze outside. After all, there’s nothing better than withdrawing to a comfortable, relaxing bedroom after being exposed to the bitter winter weather during the day.

How can you achieve a winter-friendly bedroom? Follow these easy steps to create a look which will embody ‘cosiness’ and bring both warmth and animation to even the simplest of bedrooms.


On entering a bedroom, the windows are often the first thing you notice so why not shroud yours with some beautiful blinds or curtains to fit the season. Blinds Supermarket blinds are a great choice, as they offer a beautiful range of both wooden and wood weave blinds which will immediately create a crisp, mahogany look, perfect for winter, and bring out the Christmas spirit of your bedroom. 

Alternatively, you could try blackout pleated blinds or long curtains to block out the limited winter light and lessen the cold draughts from your windows. Dark colours such as navy, burgundy or brown are great for the season and will keep in trend to produce that homely look.

Room To Suit The Season: Make Your Bedroom Winter-Friendly


There’s nothing that screams winter interior fashion more than an eclectic mix of materials and textures within your bedroom. Experiment with faux fur, wool and even cashmere on your cushions, carpets and rugs to embrace that true ‘winter’ feel. 

Another good idea is to invest in various bed throws and blankets, but make sure to mix, match and layer your textures and fabrics to suit the seasonal mood. These are ideal for both keeping warm at night, as well as achieving a snug, chic look for your bedroom.


Decorate your bedroom and have fun with it! Use coloured fairy lights or a bedside lamp to create low tones which are perfect for relaxing and winding down. Furnish with an antique chest-of-drawers or a glossy wooden bedside table, perhaps matching your wooden blinds, or go bolder with a canopy bed. 

White net hangings will be perfect for transforming your room into a winter wonderland. Finally, emphasise the merriness and festivity of the season with a mini silver-coated tree placed on your dressing table or an intricate Christmas wreath hanging on your door.

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