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Thursday, 10 January 2013


Anyone in the wall covering industry knows that raised textured wallpaper looks much more realistic than flat surface wallpaper. It’s not even close when you compare the two together! And for the longest time raised brick wallpaper was, by a long shot, one of the bestselling wall coverings on the home decor market.

Unfortunately, this type of wallpaper cannot be manufactured in the United States. The EPA does not allow its manufacture because the emission that takes place when they heat the vinyl found in textured wallpaper finish is unhealthy to breathe. There seems to be environmental concerns about the results of the heat process used to obtain the raised texture. There is absolutely no health risks associated with the finished product but in the 90s the government thought that it’s potential health risks in making it was too much to continue taking a chance on.

The end result: the bestselling type of textured wallpaper is only made in Europe. I never really thought it was a big deal until several years ago when all of a sudden I didn't have access to it any longer.


The phone calls never stopped for it. We have received numerous requests for this specific type of wallpaper yet were forced to tell each prospective customer the same thing: not available in the United States.

Now, you might not have known but the American public loves texture brick. It was a shame. Many people loved to put this specific wallpaper in their kitchen, “man caves,” wet bars, basements turned into game rooms, restaurants, cafes and many art decor stores.

The red and white brick textured wallpaper that York distributes is amazing. It has several dimensions in it that makes your walls look like they are made from real brick. Recently a friend of mine wanted to turn one of his extra rooms into a “man cave” and I gave him some of this type of paper to redecorate his walls with. It came out looking amazing.

I have been noticing this specific type of wallpaper in special accent rooms. Rarely do people add this kind of brick wallpaper to their entire home. It also goes extremely well in wine cellars and smoking rooms.
You can also scrub red brick textured wallpaper with a sponge to clean them just like you would kitchen counter tops or bear walls.

After a long hiatus this wall covering is back and it’s long overdue.

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