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Thursday, 10 January 2013


The long-established lantern style outdoor light is an old favorite loved by millions worldwide. First mentioned by Theopompus (a Greek comic poet), lanterns have been part of everyday culture for many years and give most contemporary lighting designs a run for their money.

Lanterns have come a long way since their popularity took off when used to shield burning candles over 300 years ago. Originally made of tinplate or sheet iron, the traditional design has remained a trusted and favorite design throughout the centuries.

Prior to the lantern revolution, families went to bed as the sun went down or relied on the glow from the fire for illumination. But since Boston homeowners started the trend of placing a doorway lantern outside their homes, lanterns were used as streetlamps on busy intersections. Powered by fuel-soaked pine knots, the lanterns were kept alight by Lamplighters who worker through the night adding fuel and flame to the streetlamps.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century and the lanterns style of outdoor lighting is still extremely popular in Western culture. Developments in technology since the Revolution meant that electricity now powers the best, and most traditional style of outdoor lighting.


Modern equivalents (with all the useful features for 21st Century living) are available from Mail Order Lighting.

Illuminating your garden using contemporary lighting, is a sure-fire way to make it beautiful whether the season is blooming spring or crisp winter.

Outdoor or ‘landscape’ lighting makes dramatic improvements to your outdoor space; and for low costs. The most popular ways to power your contemporary outdoor lighting are by LED or solar technology.

LED’s are both efficient and long-lasting; the average white LED lasts 35000 to 50000 hours compared to 705 to 2000 hours for a standard filament bulb. They are also child-friendly as they do not lose their energy through heat – they stay bright and are cool to touch.

Solar powered outdoor lighting is the cheapest contemporary lighting option on the market. Lights come in a wide variety of attractive styles and designs and will keep your outdoor lights bright for between 8 and 10 hours per charge. Plus, advances in technology mean some solar powered lights function as well in winter as they do in summer.

There are many benefits to both traditional and contemporary outdoor lighting so choose the design which fits with the look of your property and your tastes.

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