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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Placemat Dimensions

Place mats have typically come in the standard dimensions of 12 to 14 inches by 16 inches to 20 inches. Since dining place settings are now becoming larger and come in different shapes, here are some suggestions for determining the correct sized place mats to accommodate your dining table and place settings.

1) Create identical paper templates to mock up your place mat size. Create one template per person you wish to seat at your table. You may want to create the templates a little larger than you expect and use a paper cutter to trim all of the paper templates at the same time if a reduction is needed.

2) Set out one paper template per place setting to make sure there is a minimum of 4 inches space between the place mats  Be especially mindful of how the place mats align on the corners. Trim the paper place mat templates to the correct size.

Placemat Dimensions

3) Set out a place setting with a dinner plate (including a charger if you wish), silverware, a napkin, and a drinking glass to see how the place mat template accommodates all of your dinnerware. Make sure your drinking glass is not teetering off the edge of the place mat and your silverware is not hidden under the rim of your dinner plate or charger. 

You may wish to have a separate coaster for your drinking glasses that is not part of the place mat   There should be approximately the same amount of place mat showing on the top and bottom and the left and right.

4) Once you have determined the size of your paper template that works best for your table and place settings, you can now purchase or make place mats in that dimension. If your place mats are too small to accommodate your dinnerware after step 2, you may want to consider using a smaller dimension between the place mats  using smaller dinnerware, having fewer guests at your dinner table, or using a table cloth instead of place mats. 

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