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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Materials reused renew romantic interiors

Every woman has her romantic side. Those which, moreover, still love those style architectures, a tip: 

how about analyzing everything that would be discarded and seek something nice to be done with recycled materials? They can change the environment. 

According to in habitat, the artists Hannah Plumb and James Russell, of JAMESPLUMB, up cycled used the technique to renovate and create beautiful interiors and old romantics.

Materials reused renew romantic interiors

The discarded items have completely changed the rooms after the artists tried to get some beauty hidden behind the material. Broken furniture, wood panels and other discarded materials removed from the waste reused bring the idea of romanticism into the shops and galleries of London. Ideas that can provide inspiration for those who want to change the decor of your home in style without spending a lot.

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