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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Materials for the lavatory

The basin is an important part of the decor of the bathroom. It is an element that attracts many looks, so its design is important in relation to the whole bathroom. A proper sink is a major advance in the overall style of the bathroom.

This role shows us that we have to sink to the importance it deserves. And let's start giving studying the different materials we can find in the market, because they are the ones who in turn will mark the style of the sink itself. The choice of material will define the aesthetic of the piece.

Slate is a natural material which highlights, in addition to providing aesthetically elegant, their impermeability and their easy maintenance. This material compact and without pores which guarantees robustness.

Another of its great advantages is the diverse tonal range that we offer: black, gray and brown with sparkles blue or even red, depending on the presence of other minerals.

Wood is a natural material which provides the spaces, creating environments filled with authenticity and heat. It's a material that gradually sinks via guaranteed thanks to the presence in the natural beauty of the bathroom gives you.

Materials for the lavatory

The beauty that gives the environment is the counter-point of care requires. Wood is a material little resistant, since exposed to water and moisture tends to deform. Either way, the wood that is used in washbasins received treatments to increase its strength and durability.

Synthetic materials. When we speak of such materials, we contemplate to refer to materials such as Corian, the Silestone, the TECHNOSTONE, etc. These materials offer a resistance near the granite, offering us finishes that mimic authentic minerals.

In addition to its high resistance, one of the virtues of these materials is most appreciated the enormous palette of colors and we offer different finishes among which we can choose.

The polished concrete is also a material that slowly is emerging in the decoration of bathrooms. It is a material that repels water, which prevents stains or marks are formed. Furthermore it is too thick, ensuring safety and strength.

The polished concrete can also be found in different shades and different finishes such as matt or shiny. It is also an easy material to work with what you can find sinks of almost any size and shape created with this material.

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