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Friday, 18 January 2013

Love Your Home From All Angles

Mirrors should not be prisoners of the bathroom. Yes they are necessary and vital for any bathroom but what about using mirrors in other parts of the house? A mirror is the perfect substitute for a canvas. If you do not want to base your room around artwork, or feel as if more color would be disastrous, a mirror is a fantastic addition to a blank wall in any living room, bedroom or corridor.

The benefits? It opens up the room making any sized area feel and look larger. An important feature for a small room, a mirror can make the room feel less cramped and lighten up the area. Even in a large room this will illuminate the space – you will feel as if the room goes on forever and forever.

Love Your Home From All Angles

Maintain the color scheme by framing the mirror in a texture and shade that compliments the rest of the room. A mirror works best when it sits above something like a cabinet or bed. It anchors the mirror to a defined space and centers the room better.

If you don’t want to go for the down the line look mirrors can still be used to your advantage. Find different sized mirrors and scatter them across a wall. Make sure they are all the same shape. You do not want to create a messy cluttered look. The mirrors will still expand your space but in a fun and artsy way. Place a range of mirrors on one side of a hallway to elongate the area.

A mirror above a bed can emphasize the magnificence of any luxurious bedroom. The lush colors and warmth is reflected again and again making every bedroom feel and look five stars.

Don’t be shy to spread your reflection around your home.

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