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Friday, 18 January 2013

Look & Style Finder

When walking through a home you will find that there is a constant theme throughout. It may be a consistent color, pattern or even an overall feeling that can be felt in each room. When it comes to finding your theme it is not about overwhelming your home with clutter but the smaller details that make the biggest difference.

Make the living space your own by ordering a coffee table with a recess insert top allowing for decorative pebbles, mixing internal and external elements throughout the house creates and fresh and innovative feel offering a calm and serene space to rest after a long day. A warm soft light brown rug will finish the room off perfectly and lead to the ideal balance between the light wooden coffee table and your beautiful timber floors.

Smaller details can be a perfect touch in any bathroom. Whilst you are limited with space don’t ignore this room – though beware, it’s also important not to overdo it! A bathroom with a feature wall is both elegant and chic. Go modern with a shower feature wall. 

Look & Style Finder

The room’s charcoal colored tile, stretched rectangular in shape, enhances the sleek feel. By placing a timber bath mat outside the shower it maintains the fresh light contemporary theme throughout the house. Stay away from heavy fabric for your bathroom to uphold the minimalist look.

Vamp up a room by thinking big and simple. When you have a large white wall put your favorite artwork up to make a statement. Make sure this artwork is not too small otherwise it could get lost amongst the bright white. Your favorite artwork not big enough? Don’t be afraid to mount your print on a larger canvas. It will create a whole new look to you artwork large enough to utilize the space and isn’t pricey.

The minimalistic look can be achieved throughout the whole house without losing character. The wall above the fire place may seem to have reduced space. But use this wall to your advantage. White is the perfect color to open and enlarge a living area. Place glass mirrored plaques to add a splash of color.

There are so many ways to create a designer home that everyone can afford and it’s all about those little touches

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