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Monday, 21 January 2013

Living Room Interior Design Trends Of 2013

Perusing high street home ware stores, there are several interior design trends to try this year and here are five of the best.

1950s suburbia

The 1950s was a major milestone in interior design. Time saving devices were mass-produced so for the first time the average homeowner had a washing machine, oven and food processor. Technology was part and parcel of design and it was function, modular and unfussy. 

Gone were the over the top designs of 19th century and in their place were functional, minimalist and modernist designs. This is a key look this year. It has a whole range of furniture including its famous sofas, devoted to this trend. It has called it Off the Wall and it’s filled with angles, curves, fuss-free designs and geometric patterns.

Arts, crafts and traditionalism

Embroidery, natural materials and anything that looks homemade and crafted are in vogue this year. Rich materials such as velvet and lace are mixed with linen and cotton. Colors are traditional and warm, deep burgundy, purple, blue and white. Floral and stripes are in fashion too and classic furniture shapes, such as the Pads tow range of sofas are homely and welcoming.

Living Room Interior Design Trends Of 2013


Symbolic with loft living and urban regeneration, industrial interior design is a hot look this year. Natural materials, notably metal and wood are combined with bare, raw designs. Little fuss and softness is used, instead materials are used in their raw form. Metal lighting, tables and chairs can be softening with worn and basic materials such as linen and raffia. The color palette is muted but interspersed with bursts of color and the overall aesthetic is utilitarian and urban.


In complete contrast to both the modernism of the 1950s and the bareness of the industrial trend, is the Victoriana trend. Ornate furniture, ornaments, busy designs and deep, bold color palettes are the backbones of this look. However, this is a more pared back look, so don’t use the homes of the upper middle classes and high society as inspiration. Instead go for a more simplistic take on Victorian interiors. So ditch the heavy drapes and replace them with blinds and don’t over furnish the room, but add lots of ornate accessories instead. 

Pastels vs. Neon bright

A two-tone color palette, feature walls and statement furniture are part and parcel of this trend. Use pastel shades of lilac, mint, cotton blue and coral as the basis for your room design, and then throw in pops of color in bright red, lime and purple. This is a modern trend but one that’s eclectic, so mix minimalism with maximalist wherever possible.

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