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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kitchen designs category

Kitchen is the heart of the home. Our childhood memories are created in the kitchen. The hiss of a cooker of a whistle of a kettle as well as the aroma of delicious good being prepared – all these can create indelible memories in our mind. Kitchen is a high traffic area – where the homemaker remains busy with a number activities – right from cooking and cleaning to overseeing the kids’ homework as well many a time informal entertaining as well.

What are the important aspects of a pleasant-looking, easy-to-work kitchen? Whatever the style of your home and kitchen, kitchen designs is a very important factor. This helps in optimal space utilization as well easy-to-work factor of your kitchen. Along with an efficient layout, well-planned kitchen counters, durable and elegant looking countertops, kitchen islands where needed, and cabinets and shelves for storage are basic essentials.

Most kitchens come with a pre-planned layout for optimum space utilization. When the layout is best designed, the cook/chef can work efficiently as well. Generally the basic layouts are – galley, L-shaped, U shaped or the latest G-shaped and the layout is the deciding factor for planning the counters, cabinets, shelves and sinks in the kitchen. Today two work areas – one for cooking and one for preparing and serving – with two separate sinks are popular as it makes life easier.

Kitchen designs category

You can discuss with your interior decorator whether you want a traditional classic look, a vintage look, a modern look or a contemporary look. You can also prefer an eclectic mixture from each of these looks and create something special that is your own. Likewise, you can check out with the designer about the cabinetry. Whether it is an all wood decor, or metal and wood blend or wood and glass, and what kind of hardware you like – all these will depend on your personal choice ad preferences. Get great kitchen designs ideas from the below gallery.

Also color scheme plays a very important role in kitchen decor. White can be the color of choice as white gives a clean-lined pristine look that adds to the appeal of the kitchen. You can bring splashes of color with the backsplash of the sinks and/or countertops. But with all the electrical appliances coming as built-in options – like dishwasher, washing machine, blender, mixer and fridge etc. right into the cabinetry, white, pale creams and off whites are the best basic color palette. Ceiling and flooring can match the wall color.

Electrical and water connections and plumbing are important features in kitchen. With every inbuilt appliance needing plug-in options, it is best to plan well ahead and seek top class professional help and guidance in drawing the water, and power lines and the selection of switches, plugs, sinks and taps etc. without compromising on quality. Lighting is an important issue in kitchen decor and hence needs expert attention for proper cable layout and switches at the optimal points for a well-lit look.

Keeping the kitchen neat and tidy is a must for aesthetics and hygiene purposes and so you need to plan for sufficient storage space in your kitchen. De-clutter periodically and use organizers to utilize storage to the maximum. By planning well, you can have a well-designed beautiful looking kitchen that is comfortable, easy to work in and as well highly efficient.

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