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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kids Room Ideas

Kids’ room is a little domain that kids love to reign. It is the place where kids are free to express themselves. They can cover the walls with the posters of their choice, litter the floor with their toys and jump up and down with their pet or siblings on their bed. They even have secret hiding spots in the room when they are upset with their parents. 

They love their room as it reflects their taste. They remember their room fondly even when they grow up. Children between the ages of 6 to 12 years are very impressionable. The wall color, their bed, toys and other décor make lifelong impressions on their mind. If kids share their room with their siblings they learn the lessons of peaceful co-existence. They cherish bitter sweet memories of fights and make ups. When they grow up and leave the house for higher education or better employment, kids room keep the memory alive for the parents.

It is important to find perfect kids room furniture where your kids are going to spend the most impressionable years of their lives. There are three most important furniture pieces for a kids’ room. They are bed, storage cabinets and lighting. As proper sleep and rest is important for growing children, selecting right kind of kids bedroom furniture becomes the first priority. 

Also they may have plenty of books and toys, so storage is also equally important to avoid tripping over and getting hurt. Good ventilation and lighting are essential for any room. Good furniture is a lifelong investment, so spending reasonable amount of money on good quality bed, dresser etc. is a wise decision. Recent trend is to buy a queen size bed for kids’ bedroom as soon as they complete the transition from toddler to kid. 

Kids Room Ideas

Children grow fast and they need a bigger bed when they enter their teens. Instead of changing the bed after a few years it is advisable to buy an expensive piece in the beginning. 

While designing kids’ room, keep in mind that every child has unique individual necessities. Instead of following the trend, select kids’ furniture as per your child’s needs. Look for safe furniture rather than designer furniture. Handmade furniture is ecofriendly and quite safe as there are no sharp edges or nails sticking out. Floor carpeting and heavy furnishings is not a good idea for kids’ room. Dust and stains are difficult to remove and dust mites may cause allergy. 

Prefer light color for the kids’ bedroom furniture and walls as they make the room look spacious and cheerful. Placement of furniture can also make the room look bigger and brighter. If you have twin beds, place them lengthwise against the wall. Bunk beds for kids are fabulous space savers. Placing them in a corner frees a lot of space for desk and other furniture. 

Bunk beds can be personalized by exclusive kids bedding of their choice. Kids bedding should be soft and well cushioned to make it safe and comfortable. It is not necessary to use same bedspreads and pillows for the kids’ bunk beds. Separate lighting on each level can offer privacy and flexibility to follow their routine. Keep visiting this website for more kids’ room ideas.

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