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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kids’ Bedrooms Choose A Theme

Whether it's farmyard animals or princesses, decorating your tiny tot's room in a cute theme is almost irresistible. Deep down we know they will outgrow it way before we will be inclined to redecorate, but we can't help ourselves. However, while practicality may demand sticking to neutral patterns and colors, there are ways you can introduce a theme without having a total revamp every year. 

Have A Light Touch

The golden rule of using a theme of any kind in any room is not to overdo it. While you have a certain license to be experimental in a kid's room, going overboard will quickly take the look from 'ooooh' to 'ewwww'.
Keep Walls And Floors Neutral

As long as a theme is confined to accessories and small areas, it is less likely to dominate and much easier to change. Choose flooring or wall paint that complements the theme but could adapt to a totally different one. If you fall in love with themed wallpaper, use it on just one wall. You can always break up expanses of plain wall or floor with artwork, wall stickers or rugs.

Kids’ Bedrooms Choose A Theme

Resist The Urge To Match Everything

Yes that butterfly’s fabrics is gorgeous, but use it on the curtains, bedding, cushions, chair and bunting and you are left with a room that only belongs in a catalogue.

Create A Focal Point

Whether it is the Bob the Builder duvet cover he got for Christmas or a meter high fairy wall sticker, let one key area of the room do the talking, theme-wise. This might be the bed linen, curtains or a wall decorated with stickers. With a complementary wall color and some inexpensive accessories, this could be all you need.

Don't Shy Away From White

Often seen as too 'boring' for a child's room, white is actually a brilliant backdrop for the vibrant colors typical of most kids' stuff. Impossible to get tired of, white will always look fresh and modern, too. Add your stamp with stickers, brightly colored curtains or just bold bed linen.

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